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Joe Doty, Jr.

Personal Trainer

I’ve designed programs for sport specific training, athletic performance, motivational wellness, and weight loss. My programs include load management (to prevent fatigue and injury) and dietary recommendations to maximize my clients progression whether it’s for athletics, weight loss, or overall well-being.  I specialize in both aerobic and anaerobic training.  I have experience with athletes across all sports.  I have a great passion for what I do!  It is my goal to help you reach your goals!

I offer 1-on-1 where I can focus on you and your training/well-being.  I can access your overall skill level and experience and build a program to best fit your needs and goals.  I do endurance training, SAQ (speed, agility, quickness), strength training, plyometrics, balance/stability training, and core training as part of my training. 

I became a trainer because I formerly coached Cross Country and Track & Field.  During a CC banquet, some parents told me that coaching was my calling.  That really registered with me.  I changed my major to Athletic Training and Health & Wellness after that.  I’ve always been passionate about sports. I’ve always enjoyed the process, mentality, and competitiveness.  Being able to help athletes achieve their athletes goals is something I cannot describe.  It has always been the most rewarding and euphoric feeling seeing them achieves those goals.  I enjoy working with athletes most, but I also love helping people with weight loss, motivational wellness, or their own athletic goals.  If you’re looking for a positive, passionate trainer, I’m your guy!

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Training with Coach Doty is the best training experience you could ever ask for! His training process and dedication to his athletes is amazing, he truly wants the best for each athlete. I have trained with Doty almost two years and have absolutely loved it!

Two years ago, I had Coach Doty as a track coach and after he helped me to meet and even exceed my expectations and goals, I knew I wanted to continue to train with him.  After a short break, I met with Coach Doty and told him about my goals for the following season.  I had decided I wanted to be a dual sport athlete competing in both soccer and cross country.  I needed to get faster for soccer and track.  I needed great endurance for cross country and soccer.  That first summer Coach Doty and I worked out three times a week.  I came into my seasons that fall ready to compete.  I took third in my first cross country race.  On the soccer field, I could see my training paying off on almost every play.  I was faster.  I was able to change directions effectively.  I set goals of becoming a First Team All-Conference Athlete in both sports.  I met both goals.  My soccer team was also Conference Champs. 

I continued to train with Coach Doty throughout the winter.  I was working to improve my speed again for track.  I had a goal of improving my 400 time, my 800 time and my 1600 time.  Prior to training with Coach Doty, I had not been able to break the 60 second barrier on the 400.  Last season, I ran 53.75 400.  My 800 time in the improved from a 2:14 to a 2:08.  I could have run faster in the 800 but I wasn’t mentally ready in the season.  In the 1600, I dropped my time from a 4:56 to a 4:40.  I was physically prepared for the season to do my best. 

This summer I continued to train with Coach Doty and have come into my fall seasons prepared and ready to go.  I got 1st place in my first race of the season and have taken 32 seconds off from last years PR.  For soccer, I have already scored more goals this season than in other season combined.  I can handle the intensity better than ever.  We are deep in the battle to be conference champs again this year. 

I know if I trained on my own, I would not have had the consistency and the drive to go as far as I have by training with Coach Doty.  He is encouraging and pushes me when I need to.  He is an amazing Coach and trainer, and he has helped me to become the athlete I am today. 

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