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Joshua Deiter

Owner and Personal Trainer

In 2012, Suppz Gym opened its doors and I was one of the first to start my gym membership. I was overweight and living a terrible lifestyle when I decided that enough was enough. Like many, I just wanted to lose the weight and start looking great right away. It didn't take me long to realize that it doesn't happen overnight, so I started working out harder and harder every day until I sustained an injury.

After sustaining multiple injuries and consistently getting reinjured, I started getting help from other people. Over time, I started realizing that there was a lack of quality trainers and fitness professionals accessible to me. From 2017 to now, I independently study exercise science literature by reading current research, taking certified classes online, attending seminars, and training individuals one on one and in group settings. I'm not only able to help myself, but to now able to help others.

In 2020, my wife Hayley and I purchased the gym from my good friends Brent and Mary Sheckier. I have changed the name to Suppz Gym Boscobel and slowly over time have been building our small town gym into what it is today with the help of my friends and loyal members of the gym.

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